We demonstrate the importance of voting and becoming involved in our community through volunteering by telling stories about people we love. Telling a personal story shows vulnerability, builds trust and helps create a more meaningful connection with voters by offering authentic communication. We help our neighbors see voting as a tangible way to show support for their family and community members.

Jen Bush

Team Leader

Andy Gaertner

Farmer to Farmer

Elizabeth Ritz Witt

Canvass Coordinator

Casey Green

Recruitment Coordinator

David Heemsbergen

Coaching Captain

Lenore Mercer

Deep Canvass Volunteer

Danny Ritz

Data Volunteer

Dave Challe

Canvass Captain

Pete Huff

Canvass Volunteer

Maddie McConville

Field Organizer

Jeremy Gragert

Field Organizer

Katie Bovee

Storytelling Captain

Bob Andruszkiewicz

Wisconsin Voter

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