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Western Wisconsin Votes inspires reciprocal conversations through active listening and storytelling to empower community members and mobilize voters to create a community that is equitable, fair, and just.

Through community building and organizing, we are laying the groundwork for lasting political change in Wisconsin.

Dunn County is one of 206 counties nationwide identified as key to Democratic victory. There were 15,600 eligible voters in Dunn County and 16,467 eligible voters in St. Croix County who did not vote in 2016. Our project focused on new and infrequent voters.

Dunn County - Western Wisconsin Votes

Community Building

Our focus on community building at Western Wisconsin Votes will help infrequent voters become committed voters who will turn out each year.

Voter Support

By following up with voter support we help community members safely overcome barriers to voting and have access to vote by mail.

Story Telling

Our storytelling approach helps increase empathy and allows people who may be new or infrequent voters to realize that voting is a gift to people they love.

Western Wisconsin Votes

Our team of volunteers and organizers is working to get out the vote in Dunn and St. Croix Counties in Northwestern Wisconsin. Contact us with questions, or check out our videos on YouTube.

Elizabeth Ritz Witt - Western Wisconsin Votes
Board Liaison
Diana Witcher - Western Wisconsin Votes
Team Leader
Mary Baier - Western Wisconsin Votes
Story WOrkshop Captain
David Challe - Western Wisconsin Votes
Deep Canvasser
Andy Gaertner
Canvass Volunteer
Pete Huff
Canvass Volunteer
Nina Koch - Western Wisconsin Votes
Canvass Volunteer
David Heemsbergen - Western Wisconsin Votes
Canvass Coach
Jan Morlock - Western Wisconsin Votes
Canvass Volunteer
Story Workshop Captain
Communications volunteer
Casey Green - Western Wisconsin Votes
Canvass Coach
Jen Bush
Canvass Volunteer
Bill Hogseth - Western Wisconsin Votes
Canvass Coach
Joe Maurer

The stories we tell about our lives shape what we’re able to imagine, and what we can imagine determines what we can do. My job is to change the stories we tell and help us imagine a world where greed has no power, the earth is cherished and all people get to live safe and satisfying lives. Because once we truly imagine it, the pull to create it becomes irresistible.

Aurora Levins Morales

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Western Wisconsin Votes

Western Wisconsin Votes

A project of the Dunn County Democrats